Moments of Joy

Joy seems to be a hot topic. It seems we shouldn’t be striving for ‘happiness’, just moments of joy.

What a relief!


I have read this week about the joy Nigella Lawson gets from ‘the perfect bit of bread and butter, blue sky and fresh, crisp, clean sheets’ (so getting her).

I have listened to a TED talk about joy in interior design which describes the moments of joy given to us by the use of bright colours, round objects, animals and even ice cream cones.​​​​​​​

Then of course, the radical decluttering guru Marie Kondo – who has sold millions of copies of her book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ – talks about discarding items that don’t bring us joy.

I get the logic of that too.


So what is joy?  The dictionary defines it as ‘great pleasure or happiness’.


Have a think, what brings you moments of joy?

These are some of my things – the sight of the ocean, flowers, being organised, a text from a friend and ice-cream – not in a cone but in a little cup.  Pretty simple.

I am going to be mindful to bring a few moments of joy into my life every day.  Maybe it could work for you too?

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