‘Sleep hygiene’, is a new expression to me, yet suddenly I am seeing it all about. It seems to mean the habits you should get into to achieve a good nights sleep. No coffee, no alcohol before bed, putting down the phone – you get the idea.

I think they are missing a big point. Bedroom hygiene.

In my years de cluttering I have seen many bedrooms that I can hardly enter, let alone sleep in … used coffee cups, overflowing bins, and dirty clothes littering the floor.

Your bedroom should be a calm, clean, peaceful sanctuary, smelling good and full of fresh air.

Let’s do a quick sleep hygiene exercise.

Go into your bedroom, open the blinds/curtains and window, lie on the bed and look about – what could be improved?

Have a quick de clutter – remove those boxes from on top of the cupboard and the shoes from the floor.   Put everything away and empty the bin. Remove dirty clothes – they don’t live on the floor. So take out anything that doesn’t sit easily on the eye.

Clutter on the bedside table needs to go.  Does this bed look inviting?

Look at the sheets, the pillows, the blankets, the doona – are they clean? Pillows and bedding should be dry cleaned yearly. Or go crazy and treat yourself to new ones in the sales. You spend 7 hours a day in that bed (hopefully).

Look at the lights, the lamps, the overhead fan, the corners –cobwebs and dust?

Go to it – clean and organise so you are dust free.

Finishing touches

Lash out on bunch of sweet smelling flowers or a beautiful plant in a pot.

Add a few of your favourite things – your favourite artwork, a cool lamp, a candle.

Make it calm, clean and friendly. Then dive in for a good nights sleep….


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