How to Clean Using Gumption

Do you need a secret weapon?

Gumption is mine. You could borrow it…

Gumption is a no bleach, no harsh chemical, all purpose cleaning paste. It has been around since 1948. That’s 60 (don’t you love the old world label) years! The bonus is –  it’s made in Australia.

So what can you do with Gumption?

A swipe on a soft cloth works wonders to –

  • Remove marks from light switches and the area around them. Take10 minutes and run around and do the whole house.
  • Really sparkle your kitchen sink. Use lots of gumption on a dry sink and scrub away then rinse clean. Best clean ever on stainless steel or white sinks!
  • Clean between tile grouting with a toothbrush.
  • Clean your outdoor furniture.
  • Remove stains (even red wine) from natural stone and laminate bench tops
  • Degrease and sparkle your BBQ.
  • Attack the glass door of your oven between full cleans.
  • Sparkle and remove greasy marks from your kettle.
  • Clean mould from shelves and timber wood work. Skirting boards and door frames can clean up like they have been freshly painted.

Have a second damp cloth with you when you use Gumption, to rinse off, as it can leave a white residue.

Which surfaces can you clean with Gumption?

Use on natural stone and laminate bench tops to remove stains (even red wine).  It can be used to clean baths, glass shower screens (removing soap scum), stove tops, timber and pots and pans. Try Gumption on any surface that needs to sparkle.  Have a look at

These are real before and after photos, taken at a clients home- this week. From throw away to sparkling clean.

Honestly I don’t work for the company but I take it to every decluttering job because it makes me look like a star!

Go for it – use my secret weapon!

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